Cheyenne Rose Music

This is my daughter Cheyenne Rose, She is my oldest.

This portion of is dedicated to her budding music Carrer, She is very talented and has no ego.

She is currently playing around town and her next gig downtown is at Joe's bar April 20th with some Nashville songwriters.

She is also waiting to see if she has made it to Hollywood on NBCs the Voice as she has made it through every local round.

She will attend an awesome Music school this coming fall.

She has preformed with Shania Twain and The Jonas brother just to name a few. I will keep you updated as she tries  to make her niche in this crazy biz!

We love music we hit the Tori Kelli show at Lincoln hall in Chicago and ran in to these big old football players from Green Bay. This is the Kid with DJ Williams, Randall Cobb was there as well.

They were very nice guys, Even if they are Packers!

Update 7/23/2013

Chey Is getting ready for Belmont in Nashville, That's when the rubber hits the road baby. She's exited for her next chapter to begin. She wants to sing and this is the place to go.

I hope the neon of Broadway doesn't outshine the schoolwork of Belmont. Its a good start!


If  you follow this little diatribe known as a blog you know you get Glimpses  of Mi vida Loca, and lately my crazy life lately has been all of that.

Well last night the family went over to the former soul mates house to bid a farewell to my daughter who is headed to school in Tennessee, She had all her close friends over. The T hammer was there as well (boyfriend) Grandma and grandpa came to bid her a farewell too.

Lately she and I have been at odds, Not necessarily fighting. Just think we have different thoughts of life right now. She can be stubborn, just like her old man. Problem is we both don't give in. Stupid really.

Last night the whole family gathered, along with her buddies. She has good friends, and she has a good boyfriend. I feel bad for her because she resists change and this change is as big as it gets. But she HAS do go, she HAS to do this, This woman has too much talent not to try and make a career in Music.

Some quotes on her:

Country music star, and # 1 song writer Keith Anderson, "She has a big voice with great control"

Crane Kenny President of the Chicago Cubs, "Best National Anthem in a long time" She's welcome to sing at Wrigley anytime.

She has the support of the Guys that Run Joes bar, and Ed Warm (Joes) knows talent as well as anyone.

Few people know the music business from the point of view that I have, I see huge talent every year, they come in and out of studio. And some of them we never see again. But I have the utmost respect for those that try. They are "Artists"  For the most part don't try and be stars, Its just their destiny.

It would be a sin if she didn't try, So last night we didn't really say goodbye, We said goodbye to an old chapter of her life, As she wakes up this morning her life will already be changing. Her boyfriend who's she has spent many hours with will no longer be down the street. Her rescue dog that she saved from a shelter will not be in bed when she wakes up in the morning.  Her mom wont be there to make her clean her room.

She is bringing what I think will in time be her best friend ever, that would be her guitar, and no matter if she makes it or not, she will try. Her life path is music. And if your in a job you hate you have to admire someone who is tying to do what they love.

Today, when she drives her car and sees Oswego in the rearview mirror she will understand that although  it will always be home, It wont be the same after today. There will be new friends, New experiences and there will be a lot of growing up.

US99.5 Listeners were with me the day I put her on the school bus with her mom, Its amazing that you are with me today as she heads off.

I will let her settle in before I start racking up the Southwest reward points, after all it is Music City. And I'm in the music business.

World get ready for Cheyenne Rose, her new main street is 16th avenue a street of beautiful noise. It now has a beautiful soul. At least for a little while.

Go get em smalls!


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