Monday, August 17, 2009

Quinn likes the King but can't sing!

Every time we get a visit from the Gov its fun, He really is a genuinely nice guy. He never has a bad word about anyone and he works hard for the state.

And when it comes to taking care of Illinois military personnel there simply is no one that does more.

But when hes in the US99 Studios hes a kid in a closet, And he sings and may I say he sings .......badly. Its almost uncomfortable. No let me rephrase, It is uncomfortable. Its really really bad. His staff just looks around like OMG! he's singing what do we do now!

God its funny! and now hes smells better cuz I gave him a bottle of that cheap Tim Mcgraw Cologne that smells like that Avon stuff my mom used to sell.

Peeps who know me, know I usually lean to the right, no I will just say it I'm from the Conservative side of the street, But when it comes to this guy If I thought it would help him in any way I would campaign for him. He really is trying to help this messed up state that resembles New Jersey.

And what other Governor has the love of country music that Pat has?! I mean every time George Strait come to town he proclaims it George Strait day. Now if he just sang like him!

Well that's it for now. I'm gonna go back and Listen to him sing.

Take care


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  1. Ray,

    1979 Kawasaki Intruder

    still runs ; make offer