Sunday, March 21, 2010

Racing, Obama, and Waterparks!

Spent this past weekend watching some friends race at the Lake Geneva snow cross, It basically young kids doing crap on sleds that defies explanation. then the crazies that can pull back flips? really? When you think about the size of a snowmobile, the rotating mass of a track, and being able to flip it? that's nuts. It takes youth, practice, broken bones, large kahonies, and an athlete to do that. and the money? unless your top 3 in the pro's its not worth it!

Thanks to all of you that voted for the great Barack. this guy has no concept of his Nancy Pelosi run circus. If you rely on these people to improve your life you have none. Most hard working men and women will work thru June this year just to pay taxes to bigger Government. And its not just me, He has forgot his Black constituents to the point that there was a summit in Chicago this weekend among many respected leaders of the African American community. We all have a right to expect one to keep his promises. He has done nothing. And the hope is gone.

Well its that time of year again, the time of year when my wife and kids head to the Wisconsin Dells. Why would anyone do this? lets float in the lazy river and grab an ear infection or two. I will admits the rides are a hoot but my God, Its a small fortune. She could go to Florida for less! But the kids like it and that's all that matters. I think they like to go without me cuz I always complain that the whole whoring out of that part of the Wisconsin river is a sin. Its one of the most geological fascinating parts of my favorite state yet its all been lost to Jelly Stone parks and the water slides. Oh and fudge and go-karts. For me its just depressing. I look out the window at a Wisconsin that's lacking snow, Usually I would still be riding sleds this time of year, But due to global warming from water parks and fudge machines, The snow no longer lasts up north!

Happy Spring



  1. o global warming i swear its sad riding this time of year was the best. man its sad who knows what the future will hold for us.
    As john dee says "think snow"!!!!

    life time listener

  2. Im with you mike, Think snow.