Friday, August 20, 2010

At the Old Ball Game! with the Kids and a legend!

Well, singing the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley was damn cool yesterday! Gina Conner and Cass were there to see me sing, It was awesome to have my lil man with me(my son) he got to go in the booth and meet Ron Santo.

Now we are White Sox fans, and I have to tell you that meeting a legend like Santo was pretty cool, We meet a lot of people but Santo is more than a celebrity in this town. What makes Santo cool is not his baseball prowess, But because what he does for JDRF, And what he has come through. Losing both legs, And keeping his great attitude is what makes him a winner.

I had been a co host of many JDRF, walks with US99.5 in all of those I had met Ron's wife Vicki, and Jeff (Ron's son)but never the legend. So being able to hang in the booth and bring him a stash of US99.5 music and CDs was pretty neat.

My grandfather lost his left foot to Diabetes, and eventually his life. My Father in law deals with it each and every day of his life. It's one thing to overcome a problem. Its another to be a champion for it!

Thanks to the Rickett's for your hospitality, and Todd I look forward to riding in your World Bicycle relief ride again!

After meeting all the folks at the Cubs you learn why they call it the "Friendly confines"

I will always be a Sox fan but after yesterday there may just be a little Cubbie blue in me.

Thanks Cubs!



  1. Ramblin' Ray! Keep up the great work. Not so bad as a Cubs fan eh!

  2. I knew there was Cubbie Blue in there somewhere! Great job singing!