Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey Dad is this Saturday night live?

I about laughed my ass off when Cheyenne asked me that while we were watching the tail end of the Ten Commandments. I guess to a 16 year old the production of the "greatest story ever told" is a little Corney at best.

Don't get me wrong I mean no disrespect to the story, as a matter of fact its kind of a "brush up" on my limited biblical skills.

We than spent the final ten minutes of the show poking fun at Moses who would later go on to be president of the NRA,  and Yule Brynner who is a dead ringer for Mike Quadde the latest Cubs skipper, The rest of the night Conner kept yelling "whose your moses now"

Next Saturday night I will have to go out on the town so I'm not left sitting at home watching crap, Who know perhaps I can turn it into a party of lascivious behavior, Really after all I guess my life story may not be the greatest ever told but it works pretty good for me!

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