Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Indy lost a great driver; Heres what my friend TJ Partick had to say.

Sad day yesterday for racing in general. I want to personally thank all of you who sent there well wishes and showed there concern. In my words it was a perfect storm for this to happen, and it was going to happen yesterday. I was nervous all weekend after watching practice, the cars where fast and to close. Danica said the closing rate in the draft was to much, she was the fastest on Thursday doing a 224.788 average speed!!!! The track has to much grip which makes everyone comfortable and that's why the speeds where up.

My opinion and it is the same as most people I talked to, was there where to many inexperienced drivers in the field, and to many cars! I could name the drivers they all where concerned with and it was the same drivers that started the whole wreck just being STUPID at the 10 lap mark. There is a reason that alot of the drivers that raced yesterday do not have a full time ride, they are stupid and show no respect to other drivers. Danica for some reason did back off just before the wreck happend because she felt something was going to happen. I will tell you that she was scared going into the race and every driver there all admitted the same feeling, the perfect storm did happen, and we lost a friend.

I lost a good friend in Dan Weldon, and his wife Suzi. I have been close to him since 2005, he always commented I was his dad over here because I acted just like his dad (crazy and often outspoken, I hear, and a little emotional), and said he wished his dad could be there for him as I was for Danica. I became close to his father Clive though the years as well. If anyone thinks that racing is a bad thing just because people get hurt or killed that is the wrong way to look at it. It is what they/we do it defines who we are. We all know this can happen and it does not make it easier. Life will go on and we all will remember Dan, and if you would have asked Dan before the race if he knew he would be hurt he would have raced anyways because it is what he loved to do more than life.

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