Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh where oh where have the blogs gone

Funny I have been meaning to get back to this blog. I think that social media has made the good old fashion website obsolete!

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Merry Christmas!

Been a busy fall, Conner has been on a wrestling tear! Kids good, and this is his first year. Cheyenne just did her last big Fall concert with school and we have been visiting colleges as she pursues  her music career. And as far as that little one Cassie has a full time job trying to be just like her mom. Oh and she loves to make fun of me. Especially when it come to me "going to the gym" Shes the one most likely to drive me to drink.

Big Radiothon this past weekend thanks to us99 listeners who helped us raise over a million for the kids at St,Jude. In this economy that's plain and simply amazing!

This weekend we start our snowmobile race season, Its a lot of fun, I don't hang out at bars, Don't play video games, Don't watch sports all weekend long. This is my one thing that I have the most fun at all year and it lasts only 3 months. I will have some results on Monday, Hopefully we can grab a win

Have a great day


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  1. RR - Gonna miss Country's Cuttin' Edge. It was my fav. program.