Thursday, March 21, 2013

Urlacher, more than a linebacker!

Urlacher, Linebacker! No let me re-phrase, More than linebacker,

In my years in Chicago media, dare I say I have become friends with the Urlachers.Funny how when you look behind the curtain how these guys your kids look to as super hero's are just regular guys. Brothers, Sons, friends.

Last year I had a chance to hang out with Brian's son and his then GF Jenny McCarthy, Now its not that big of a deal due to the fact it was just a chance to see Brian's brother Casey a guy who I have become pretty tight with. Was it a fancy Chicago hang? a game? No it was the Kane county fair. Just kids having fun. Regular normal people. Except for the fact that Casey could be Brian's twin.Oh and that his brother will be a first ballot hall of famer.

To my son #54 is a hero, (That's his artwork that accompanies this story). These kids don't care about collective bargaining, Contracts or the salary cap. Its all about what the player does on the field. And needless to say after 13 years on the lakefront his legacy will never be duplicated.

The 54 I will remember is the one sitting in the seats at the Allstate arena taking in a Taylor Swift concert with his kids, Hanging out at a million country concerts, and always lending a hand to Charity's when ever I asked him. And his crazy love of Rascall Flatts.

Last year when he said he didn't care what the "fans said" that's was not disrespect, it was honesty, If your in a situation where the media can perpetuate rumor and innuendo, you have a certain amount of "don't give a damm" If you didn't you would go crazy.

This guy will come back after he's done playing, He will always be a Bear and always be a friend to US99.5, They say your never bigger than the brand but Urlacher was.

For me as a kid it was Walter Payton, For my son it was Brian Urlacher, thanks # 54 for the memories and that insane game in 2007 against the Cardinals. Thanks for your help with St Jude and the many times I asked you to be on the air. Thanks for bringing Casey up here with you.

I know you guys miss your momma, and football aside, She raised some good boys!

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