Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Day in the Chey.

Friday Fun day! what a big day for my kid, Cheyenne has now had a chance to sing in both MLB ballparks, I want to thank Crane Kenny from the Cubs who treated my family like gold.

I have to say if you a Cubs fan you have to be excited that this guys at the helm. Hes very progressive, Smart, and focused. Northsiders you have a series in your future!

During the game we were spoiled rotten at the down the line rooftops, and O'Malley's in Wriglyville. If you want to see a game, and don't like the bathroom lines, This place is for you!

After the cubs game it was a  trip around town that included visiting my buddies Styles and Roman at B-96, Dinner at Quay on Illinois street, then over to the Lady Antebellum where the US99.5 Listeners were treated to an awesome free concert!

I then headed over to the United Center to see the Stones, I had never been to one of their concerts, Yes they are Old, and I know its Rock an Roll but I like it! It was cool to hear such seasoned players, raw music, no trick just real players with not much in the way of computerized help, Try finding that at a show you will be this summer!

My son Conner Graduated 8th grade and was fitted for his high school football gear, and hopefully the next 4 years in the fall I will be watching the Batavia Bulldogs kick major ass. They usually do.

Go Hawks! See you at the parade this summer with the Cup!


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