Monday, July 1, 2013

The Big Dog, and the Daddy.

I love this guy, and I don't pretend that many artists love me back, This is a business and after all I'm just a guy at a radio station along the way.

 And honestly I don't need pictures with anyone to validate my Facebook, or twitter accounts (although the radio station likes it).

But this guy is different, a few chance meetings with the Big dog years ago and we became friends, Not the "hey how come your station is'nt playing my song yet kind of friends but, Two idiots out at a table full of food and cocktails, perhaps a few too many and there was a bond.

Let me give you some insight to who gets on the bus, The People who can help the artist, The program director, The Music director, You know the guys that can help the songs sell. Now I m not that guy, I just work for the "man" Although I do have some love from artists on my national show.

But on the bus last night was two old friends, You have to know Toby to understand this talented individual, He's fiercely loyal, He's fiercely humble, and he uses those quality's to be successful. He's big, He has passion, and he loves his friends and his family.

Its protocol, that you respect these guys and their time, So last night I say to Toby, Bro my daughter and her boyfriend would like to say hi.....

The response? #@!*&^ Bro get her up here. So a few moments later my daughter and her boyfriend are holding court with the big man. They talk farming and her going to school, and they talk music. And of course he chides me on, how pretty she is and where she got her singing voice. I know he's pressed for time and I say "say hey man you gotta go" We hug it out and head off the bus.

Here's a guy on the cover of Forbes, they talk about his money, his planes his wealth.  What they don't see is a  guy who lost his dad in a car wreck not long ago, Lost his friend and guitar player just 6 months ago. (another car wreck) This is a guy who quietly is helping his daughter find her way in the music business.

I meet a bunch of guys in this business, But few are real men. This is one of those guys, He loves America, Loves its soldiers, and loves to live large.

The picture on the cover of Forbes should be a better reflection of who this guy really is, Instead of the flash it should be the man who was standing in Norman after the Tornadoes, The guy who had tears in his eyes.

After the lights go down, the crowds go home, and you wake up with a pounding head from a rockin show this guy go's back to being who he is. A Man's Man.

I wish there were more like him.



  1. Well said...lucky man to have a strong relationship and be able to put it into words.

  2. Nicely said, Ray Ray! I admire his character and all the tireless support his gives the troops each and EVERY YEAR! Missed his concert last night; I was there in spirit. Proud to call him an American!

  3. Toby was fantastic last night in concert. He entertained us all and he was having a grand time himself. His dedication to the troops is wonderful. A real Man who genuinely cares for others and always helps friends, family and our brave heroes. He has a Huge Heart. Thank you for sharing.