Friday, July 26, 2013

The "Man Bun"

The story reads  "Boys with Buns" now at first glance I'm thinking yeah, I got buns, Nice buns, Buns of steel.....

No that's not what they are talking about they are talking about the Joakim type man mess on his head, You know, Its the way a woman puts her hair up for a walk of shame. But this is for a dude.

I guess this is the new trend for the hip male. Hey! that's me!

I like Joakim, but he's a freaky looking guy who seems a little dirty. I always wonder what kind of things could be crawling under that "Mun" the Mun, you know the basic "Man Bun". Now to know Ray Ray is to know the "RR Fade" I'm always rocking. Well times they are a changin'. Its time to go long.

Currently my hair is as long as its been in years, which isn't very long, I figure it will take me six to seven years before I can rock a Mun. Or I could go to Sally beauty supply and get some extensions and do a weave.

I know this sounds silly but what can it hurt everyone always asks why my hair is always short, Now they can ask why I look like a chick.

The times just like my hair is a changing. How exciting.


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