Friday, August 9, 2013

North vs South, and I'm the one who gets abused on the AM Show.

This thing that I do is a "Show" Remember that, remember that at every minute were doing things to try  and make it fun for you as a listener, We do this at our own expense at times. At times I have to be a bully, a buddy, and a big brother.

On this show I'm supposed to be the guy who stirs it up in no uncertain terms, You listen and hopefully you hear honesty. I don't always say the things that make me popular, You hear a guy that in a pinch would always have your back. As long as you had mine.

This good old Sox fan Cub fan thing runs deep on our morning show. There's even 'Promo announcement that declare Lisa as a Cub fan and me as a Sox fan. it is what it is. And its the truth. Lisa's a Cub fan Me Sox fan. We have gone over this several times, Remember this is razzle dazzle show biz!

Who's got it tougher as a fan? Well Lisa gets to go toss a ball, Me? Every year I go into hostile territory and get to go to Wrigley for "Opening day" every year, the Sox never even get a chance to have us out, Never...... All morning long I get barraged by drunk fans saying the Sox suck.

This morning Lisa said I was mean for telling people to boo her, Here's the thing. No one cares who's throwing out the first pitch but the person doing it, Bottom line we are Chicago fans. We would go nuts if either team were to win the World Series (Sox most recently!) We relish the chance to do anything on these pro sports fields. We never imagined we would ever have the chance to be out there as kids. So when we do it just awesome.

The only reason anyone boos for a first pitch is if you screw it up, They don't want you to not make the plate. They want to boo you, it has nothing to do with being mean it just makes them feel good. Throw the perfect pitch and no one cares. Throw a bad pitch and it  could make channel 5 news or back of the paper. And that's what we want! we want the publicity its why we are there in the first place!

There's no pressure, its 60'6" from the mound to the plate, Stand up there and toss it. Little girls all over Chicago will do this thousand s of times today. You got this kid, My little girl can do it so can you Lisa.

But if you don't make the plate, Screw up and throw wide, and the White Sox faithful start to boo it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with people who want to boo, so it makes them feel good. And don't feel bad it has nothing to do with non athletic prowess, Or the fact you didn't practice. I'm counting on you to make the news tonight.

She wont make it close to the plate! Oh is that me being mean? try and sit in Wrigley with people who are drunk and know your a Sox fan. Trust me a boor two ain't nothing!

Play ball!

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