Thursday, August 8, 2013

Taylor Swift can make you live a longer and better life!

It is simply amazing the amount of e-mails this morning show is getting for the Taylor swift concert.

Its not lost on us that people love to go to shows and we have great concert tickets, But we are in the business of using these tickets to get people to listen to our station, Longer listening = better ratings, better ratings mean we can sell advertising so we can stay is business.

Now we love to help people out, we do a ton of charity work for those in need. But here is a news flash......

Taylor swift tickets wont help you survive cancer, Wont help your Girlfriend come back to you and like it or not your Naperville princess may have to sit in the 300 level, Even though you want your baby in the front row to validate her existence.

It kills me when we get the e-mail of those fighting cancer, but the e-mails are from the care givers not those struggling, I have received over 500 e-mails playing the cancer card.  know its sad but using this to get tickets is simply too much.

My favorite came from a woman is Naperville who cant stand to see her princess sit  in the 300 level, she had no idea she was buying 300 level, she thought she had bought 200. Here's an idea check the price of the ticket. You want to be a player open your wallet. she goes on to say if we can get her daughter close her kid wont have to suffer being harassed by other kids that may see her and make fun of her bad seats. Good news is this if your in the 300 level no one will see you anyway.

The great thing about my wife Gina is this, She has kept our kids on the down low, I wont lie my kids have done some great stuff when it comes to concerts, One would expect that. If your dad a milkman you should have fresh milk, Its the way the world works.

Yesterday Gina took the kids to Bears training camp, I could have set it up so they met all the players. I work for CBS, We own the broadcast rights, I know a lot of the guys, Bottom line is she didn't, Taylor is coming and my kids haven't asked to go. That's cuz their mom has taught them the value of "Getting what you get" Not always what you want.

The good news is anyone has a chance to win, Be caller 19 and play our Taylor games!

The sad news for me today is I didn't win the lottery, So I have to continue to work even though it would have helped me send my kids to college and get a care giver for my sick father, But just as hard as it is to win Taylor, Its that hard to win anything. Its not fair, But neither is life.



  1. Ray ,I completely agree with what you said. You are 100% right, you make sense and by the way I'm a fan, I love listening to US99 and country music is my favorite.

  2. Ray, You are correct... And I listen to US99 all day long. FYI... You will NEVER hear me beg or call in for Taylor stuff.... Said it prior... And I will say it again.. She is not country... She is not on the same level as Reba, Sara, Martina, Tammy, Miranda, ect, ect, ect.. she may sell more tix... But that does not make her country !

  3. Well said and I agree with Dave. I was just telling my mom this morning that she has left her roots. Country made her who she is and she has now left it. Either way, your blog is 100 percent truth. Go Sox :)