Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update on the Big Ray

One of the worst things you can do is watch your parents in pain. I would trade places with him in a heartbeat.

He's a tough old guy, But his fever prevented him from Hip surgery yesterday. Today we go in at 6p and see if we can get it done.

My thanks to the Nurses and staff at Rush Copley. They have tough jobs, and that's what it is a job. But so far they have made my family very comfortable.

I guess Hip surgery is pretty easy, But remember my Dad has Alzheimer's, So its hard for him to fully comprehend what's going on. (Insert can he remember the fall joke here)

The remarkable thing is watching my mom take care of the old guy.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Ray I 100% know how you feel. Both my mom and dad live with us since 2003. My mom has Congestive heart failure, COPD, emphysema, and diabetes. Among a multitude of other issues. My dad has early stages of Alzheimer's and forgets things that happened 10 minutes ago. I am taking him to Physical Therapy 3 times a week to learn how to balance better, well...He fell and though he did not break anything(YET) he refuses to walk with a cane or walker, he is to proud for that. It's a struggle but I have to just Breathe...And tell myself he cant help how he thinks. The running joke with my friend's is I have Perfect teenagers. I have very bad seniors! Hang in there Ray! It's tough but I am thankful they are both here.

  2. Dad will be in my thoughts and prayers today! God speed for a successful surgery and quick recovery. Sending you all hugs, love and support! <3

  3. Life if tough Big Ray seems tougher. prayers for your family a healing hug for your Pop God Speed

  4. RR, thoughts and prayers with Big Ray and entire family during this tough time. Joe