Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Hip, An update on the Holidays that didn't happen.

Well, First off thanks for all the nice notes and prayers for my dad. Listeners of the Lisa and Ray show, And my Serving your Country Show have been very kind and I thank you.

My family, and I spent most the past two weeks hanging out with my dad after he fell and broke his hip.

I always told him, "Break your hip and I will have to shoot you" Well....I didn't shoot him....Although the big old boy was in so much pain he probably wanted me too.

During my time off I spent most my time with him, Sleeping at the hospital on several occasions. The problem isn't so much his hip as his Alzheimer's, But remarkably he's doing better with rehab and is up walking and joking.

I have pictures and audio of some of the stuff I have been seeing and hearing at the "Wrinkle Ranch" and perhaps once he leaves there I will post, You will laugh. Pray that you die peacefully in your sleep. Some people are old and alone with no one. My dad is not the latter!

The most remarkable part of this process is to watch my mom take care of him after 62 years, The other is my sister Patti. Shes bullet proof. She is there when my dad wakes up every morning at 5am.

I pondered who would be with me should I ever find myself in that situation and my sister said it would be her. She's my twin and proclaimed "We came into this world as a team" and no matter where life leads you, I will always be here. That's pretty reassuring given the run I have had lately.

Christmas and New Years were pretty much non existent  this year, But after all the Nonsense We were all there with my family taking care of the old guy, and after all isn't that what the holidays are supposed to be about?

Thanks again for the nice e mails and FB posts,  I will send pictures of him sledding today....

Happy New year


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  1. Awesome news Ray...continued thoughts and prayers for Big Ray, you and the family. Wishing you all a Happy, safe and healthy New Year.