Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time Marches On.

I have been at US99.5 for a long time, I have been Hired, Fired, and Hired again. I have had great bosses and bosses that are complete morons.

The current staff I work with in my opinion is one of the best. But I won't go into details on my work, its not that interesting.

I do want to take some time to address a void at US99.5.

If you haven't noticed Trish is no longer with the station, But this isn't about work. Its not about radio. And in all honesty, (And this hardly happens in this business) was  amicable parting of the ways. Trish and the management at US99.5 are held  in my highest regard's. If they were not you would know.

So to my friend, The girl I had a crush on 20 years ago, The woman who took me to the hospital in Nashville when I was sick. The girl who cried to me and asked "what in the world is going on the day of 9-11 as she drove home to her kids" I say so long.

I could go on and on about the things we have been through together but it wouldn't do it justice, from life to death, From sickness and health. to the births of our kids we did it all.

We saw things and did things in Country music that were nuts, But again too many story's to share.

Its important that you know that US99.5 did try to keep her, Its also important that you understand that T is a woman who holds her family closer than any job. Ultimately she chose to be closer to them. Who could argue with that?

I guess that last reason is what makes her such a good soul.

Congrats on your years at US99.5 see you when you get in to the CMHOF.

Hugs Kid. Signed as your mom would say, love........

"Eddie Haskal"


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  1. Yes Ray , she will be MISSED! Being with the station in the early years ( taken pictures), too many great time with you guys. You ,Trish, Nancy, Katman, John and the rest of the radio hosts (too many to name) made the station people wanted to hear. So when Trish picked her family, it showed the great mother and wife she will always be.
    I do hope that someday you guys will work together again!
    Longtime friend of the station,