Monday, November 16, 2015

Close the door Five Four!

I wont lie when my kids on the field I watch him, Its hard for me to watch the whole field because I'm watching his footwork, watching him usually try and work around guys that outweigh him at times by more than 100lbs. He usually does a pretty good job. After Saturdays loss I was proud of him. Proud of the way he worked, proud of the way he prepared. But mostly proud of how he keeps it in perspective.

No one hesitates in Batavia to hit the field after a win or loss to be with the boys, This year it was mostly wins. But Saturday was different, it was Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Family. Boys knowing it the last time these guys would play together as a team. For some it was the last time they would play the game. It quite simply was over.

Or was it?

Later that night while the parents were off doing their thing the boys were still together, eating at a fast food joint together. Then visiting a banged up teammate, Then getting more food, Scaling the fence at the football field and working their way up to the press box. where they would hang, goof, and eventually head to a buddy's house where they spent the night.

I thought perhaps my guy would need his mom and dad after a loss..... but why would he? he needed the brothers that he had been with since this all began. He needed the guys that pushed him to get in the 1000lb club the ones that were there puking during two a days. The ones that know him better then he and his mom think we know him, he needed his teammates. They needed him.

Thanks to the wonders of social media I watched one by one how these senior boys posted thanks to their teammates, coaches, parents, and their town for letting them be part of something so cool, When in fact this town, This school, Us parents should be thanking them!

I think I will be lost Friday night when I'm not in the stands with my Friend Dick Anderson, two guys just wanting good things for their kids. But this has nothing  to do with parents, It has to do with boys becoming men. Some (with hesitation) growing up.

Let me use this form of social media to thank these boys for being better than I ever was. Thanks for what you have done to mentor the Juniors and Sophomore's.

I always yell "close the door Five Four" when the kid makes a big play. Close the door 54 lets head up north and see Grandma and Grandpa, lets see if we can catch some late season Muskie.

What a year.


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