Monday, February 15, 2016

Hard day to be on the Radio, And so long to a friend.

Funny how the world turns, I have one of the best weekends in recent memory and then thanks to the wonders of Facebook I find out one of my favorite Radio friends has passed.
Now let me explain what a "Radio Friend" Its someone who was there at the start, someone you grew with. Someone that helped you as you helped them. Someone who experienced  this medium at its purest form when we only wanted to have a "good break" and perhaps someday  make it to the big stage.
For most of us the "big stage" was Chicago, and from a little Mom and Pop station out in the western suburbs called WAUR, several of us made it to that stage.
Today my heart is broken. My friend, and one of the best and coolest women to ever grace the radio has passed. Megan Reed (Casey) ended her fight with cancer. I say ended because when you fight that hard for that long you don't lose.
Today my friends Bruce, Todd, Susan, Chuck, Jonathon, Jim, (the core of WAUR) Are devastated, by her loss.
I will always remember her grace, My friend Susan Wincek from WSHE, would call and say " Ray call and make Meg laugh" I would call and she would talk of how she went to school with my sons football coach in Batavia, and how she would brag on him. Then she would tell me how talented she thinks my daughter is. I would leave the call thinking, how did she just make that call about me? But that's what great people do they make you the focus.
I hope somehow I helped her take her mind off her struggles if just for a second.
To Megs husband Steve and her beautiful baby's I send my prayers for you. How awesome to have such a force of grace and power and love to have touched your life.
Rest well my sweet sweet friend, I certainly will never forget you.

Hell of a day to be on the radio.

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