Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big day at the ballpark turned bad!

The big news in my house last night and today has to do with my disgruntled son Conner, I guess the little man was scrapping with another kid over a foul ball at the Cougars game yesterday. It was a school trip.

Hes says he had possession of the ball when another kid jumped in, (to which I say how did you let him even get the chance to touch the ball) Long story short the ball will be kept in his classroom for all to share.

This decision is not sitting well with the little man, He had to sleep with dad last night. In the scope of things I try too tell him its no big deal and to let it go. That we lucky we have our health, yada yada. He wont have any of it.

he's thinking that he will never catch a foul ball again. Ah the problems of a ten year old. I don't like it when the little mans not happy.

Hes such a cool kid, But man he takes this stuff hard, And as any good father would do I will let his mom handle it with the teacher!!!!

Chuck wicks off dancing with the stars!!! I laughed at that!

Whats up with the ref's in that bulls game last night. Brad Miller need stitches in his face but no flagrant foul?

Right now Lisa and I are talking to a family in Texas with the swine flu! Now that's a radio first......An exclusive interview with a family cuz there sick! next week is measles week with Lisa and Ray!

Go get your masks!


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