Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wash your hands!!!

Thank god President Obama gave that speech last night so we all know to use our best hygiene habits learned in 7Th grade health class!

And why not take Friday off? if you don't feel good, stay home after all that is the marching order from our 44Th! sounds good to me! I agree.... If your sick stay home!!

My kids school is still open but the middle and high school in Batavia are closed. Funny that they close the schools, cuz most the kids are still together grinding on skateboards and hanging by the Walgreen's!....but i do notice they are using purell hand sanitiser between sharing smokes and pop.

Get well wishes to my friend Kurt (Goodwin Performance) krumms son Parker who is home sick with what we think is R2d2 or whatever its called!

I feel bad for the nations pork producers as the price of hogs has gone way south.

Just got home from the gym good workout, although Adam the trainer like to hassle me.....I'm sitting here getting ready for a bike ride now and Gina throws down a fresh bag of Oreos. Nice.
That how we roll here.

Stay healthy, Wash your hands! My kids are sleeping in the garage due to the fact we don't want all those kid germs in the house!

Be sure to listen tomorrow as The Gov gives us the lowdown on the flu outbreak, and when George Strait will be sleeping over at his crib in Springfield.

Take care


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