Friday, May 1, 2009

A bright light has gone out in Batavia

Lately I have taken some heat about my La sa Faire attitude to the H1N1 Flu, I suppose this is due to the fact that I'm the risk taker on the morning show, The guy who always keeps it light! I also feel America has become more than a little reactionary to all the latest flu bug . We need to have faith in our health care and our country to be able to fight these things!

It is also due to a young man named Alex Kintz who waged a battle against cancer like none I have known before, While lately all the rage has been about the "swine flu" the concern in my family has been Alex and his family, His pain, And his mom and dad preparing to say good bye to there beautiful boy.

Reading postings from Alex's mom on his "care pages" update was surreal, her postings kept us in the know, Her writings as good as any you will ever know. She could write a book. She wrote of his 8Th grade friends and how they were there till the end, Holding his hand , scratching his back, Saying they love him,.... saying goodbye.... this out of a bunch of young men who's biggest concern should be getting to the next level on guitar hero! Hug your kids because they are sometimes are forced to grow up way to fast.

I was introduced to Alex by my neighbor Joanne Spitz who always has something going on..... Shes always after me for Concert tickets or something! But this time it was different, She said "Ray you have to meet Alex" "what can we do for him" .....than we found out he was a Robbie Gould fan and it was on! Alex met Robbie, I met Alex, And from there it was an awesome experience.

This evening Gina called to inform me that Alex has lost his fight, I suppose lost is a poor choice of words as this kid never gave up. what a fighter, what a cool cool kid. I will remember all the posts on his website all the prayers but this is what will come to mind when I think of him in the coming days

One was a party where all the kids were dancing to solja boy and Alex was sitting it out, That when we talked about football and the girls he was watching,

The second was his call to our St Jude radiothon for US99.5 he was in a battle and he knew he could move people to call in and give, what a cool tough kid. I should mention brave as well.

To the Kintz family, The prayers of Gina, Conner, Cassie, Chey, and US99.5 family are with you. May it lift your spirits that your sons pain is gone, Our spirits are lifted for knowing such a courageous young man.

Two days ago Alex's wish when he went to heaven was to be a bird so he could soar. Tonight the Sky's have received a gift.

Rest in peace Alex


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