Monday, April 27, 2009

OMG! whats wrong with me

I'm sitting here watching dancing with the stars.

Why is it my respect for Chuck dips while Ty Murry is simply the man? Probably cuz Chuck is a natural pretty boy and Ty is just a mans man.

I mean really a 6 time all around world champion cowboy, getting judged by Bruno and Len? make me puke. They don't deserve to be on the stage with him. Go Ty!

This dancing stuff is crazy, But its fun to goof and dance with my youngest Cassidy!

Only about ten minutes till the Hawks pre-game the Boys from west Madison close it out tonight in Calgary. I run the gamut from DWS to Hockey.

How about that finish in the race yesterday, If your a NASCAR fan check out and read his take on Telladega. Amazing that Carl Edwards walked away from that wreck. Someones going to die there. And as we saw yesterday it may be someone in the stands. Take off the plates and let the boys race.

70 plus degree's and my friend sand I are still working on snowmobiles, I'm working on some really cool race sleds that should be ready to show in Sept at Eagle River, and should be Race Ready for next years PVR race circuit.

Time to watch the hawks.


Gina just said I should mention that she as well as Jessie are watching DWS too.

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  1. Hey Ray -- am reading all the sports in your post - what about the fishing opener this weekend? Heading north? Ice is out on No Fish Bay!