Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Roar is back!

I don't know why it took so long, but last night I took Conner to his first Blackhawks game.

Thanks to Morning show regular Adam Burish, and Jay Blunk at the Hawks we had awesome seats. I'm not sure how these guys do it but pound for pound, Perhaps with the exception of ultimate cage fighting, Is there anything tougher than the game of hockey?

The Roar started with the tradition of a thunderous Star Spangled banner and went all the Through the 3rd period and continued till we got to the Ike and Harlem ave.

The kid had to wait till the 3rd period to see the first good fight of the night.

By tomorrow I will have some nice picture to post thanks to my Buddie Tom Langmyer from WGN that was at the game as well.

The seats are a little pricier than they were last year, But well worth it!

Nice weekend eh? the yard is starting to look like a swamp, Talked with my friend Brad who's a crop farmer, (and snowmobile bud) and he says that he has zero crop in, Usually by now he would have 1/4 of his corn and beans planted.

well big day for NASCAR and a trip to the gym, I need to prep for the breast cancer ride. For details just go back to the home page.

Have a good Sunday see you tomorrow morning with the devine one at 5:30



Nice work to the Make a Wish foundation who had the "Office star" Steve Carrell call our friend Alex who's in the fight of his life against cancer. I here it was a long conversation and enjoyed by both.

Keep the kid in your thoughts.

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