Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last night I was with the "Godfather of US99".....

Usually two to three times of year, I along with John Howell, and a Chicago advertising legend Joe Campisie get together with with JD Spangler who you may remember "started it all with America country station".

I cant go into detail as to what get talked about due to the fact I pretty sure we could still be held accountable for the old days.

I will tell you yesterday was a bit different than in the past as schedules didn't allow us all to meet time at our usual haunt of Carlucci in Rosemont.

Howell had to meet up with JD early as his boy Will pitched his first game last night, Joe had lunch with him and me ...I got dinner.

A lot of you often ask if we all still talk, The answer is a resounding yes! I will always respect and honor the chance JD gave me to work at WUSN. And for Johny Howell, well he's just nuts. And his kids a riot.

I'm not sure anyone cares about any of this, but nary a day goes by without someone asking about one of these two, and since I'm the guy at USN, I thought you may like to know.

Oh by the way JD's daughter Paige who works at US99 part time is due to wed in July. JD has asked Big John and Me to go talk with the boys family to make sure he understands things.

You do this for a guy like JD. After all he IS the "Godfather"

Have a great weekend


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