Monday, June 29, 2009

Cards Win Cards Win Holyeeee cow!

It took 18 games and the Conner Stejskal led Batavia Cards finally take home a win, Usually on a night like tonight me and dads just like me, gather to watch our kids make errors ,(not the Con Man, Hes a stud in that field)and get beat on a daily basis.

Not Tonight! the kids were just awesome, Danny threw smoke, Justin fielded like Rhino, and Conner stretched it out at first base and several occasions.

Conner was 4 for 4 with a single and 3 triples.

Last year his team won it all, It came easy. this year I think its actually a better season, You learn a little something about yourself when you lose. Yet every day this year after every loss the kids kept showing up, Coach Cash kept yelling, and they never quit. What you learn when you lose is that you gain optimism that at the next pitch, the next muffed play, the next crack of the bat it can suddenly turn in your favor.

That's why we cheer for the cubs, That's why we fall in love again after a heartbreak, that's why we get dressed everyday, Cuz you never know when you will deemed a winner, when it will all go your way.

The kids didn't need to win tonight to be winners they already were, Tonight win just made them feel good!

Baseball its all about what is good, and can be good again!


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