Monday, June 29, 2009

Ya Hey Deer!

Just back from the woods of Wisconsin, I had to bring my daughter and niece home from Mom and Dads place. The young girls were being hit on by old Wisconsin dudes. God help me if I find out who they are. These girls are 15!

15 year old girls scream, they are nuts, stay up all night and sleep all day, Cheyenne starts drivers ed this July. I let her drive this weekend while we played Alan Jackson's song "drive", She also was tooling around in dads little Lund fishing boat. I couldn't get that song out of my head! She can drive! I think Iwant to get her in a race car!

All in all it was a pretty laid back weekend I was up north getting things ready for the summer, and helping pops do some stuff at his place. I think both mom and dad were exhausted by the crazy girls.

Glad to still be alive! Whats going on? I have hardly had a chance to listen to my new Micheal Jackson CD that Motown put out and look at my Farrah poster and than Billy Maye's passes. as Ed McMahon would say hieoooooo!

Be good.

Just for kicks and grins,...and to answer a few folks who ask if I ever stop talking snowmobiles the answer is yes! Heres a picture of my Ski Boat next week I will have some barefoot pictures!!


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