Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My eyes are crazy!

That's a line from an old Jerkey Boys CD, I had my left eye lazerd to day by Tom Michelson at the Wheaton eye clinic. Its amazing that in a few short seconds and a day of recovery that I can see again. I basically did this because when ever I go out of town I can see street signs. I also was at a concert with Juliane Hough last year and across the room I didn't know who she was. When you cant pick Julianne out of a crown you have problems!

I thought I would share this picture I took of my truck after I interviewed Matt Kenseth at ESPN zone yesterday. I was on top of a parking garage and just thought it was a cool shot!

this photo is from my party last week for the US99 listener party I had with Justin Moore, this is Justin banging the six string in my family room. Great party with about a hundred of my close friends, The listeners that won the party.....never showed up, I'm told it was a little mix up through our fun and games dept. Nice.

Hey if you get a chance go to for a Chance to win some cool race stuff at Chicago land speedway for the race in a few weeks.

I'm out again tomorrow so enjoy the ladies talking about John minus Kate, I;m sure the men are lined up waiting to date her and her crew of 8 brats. That Hollywood lime light can be hard cant it?

Poor Patti! i didn't watch but she's out of Costa Rica and headed BACK to the jungle!

Well Brant Miller says one more day of the heat than more seasonal! it's too hot to even work on my snowmobiles! (it never ends) stay cool!


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  1. Hey Ray, Just wanted to give you a shout out from a Local 150 sister, Rosie ;) I've been a loyal Tundra fan since I bought my first one in "02". Still drivin her, hard. That truck takes whatever I throw at it, on and off the jobsite. I will soon be trading it in on a new 1/2 ton Tundra. I can't wait to get a new one with all the newer features, but will be very sad to say goodbye to the old girl that got me hooked on these trucks.

    Proud to be a sister Local 150 Operating Engineer!