Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baseball been very bad to my little man.

The little man was in the all star baseball game Sunday, It was pretty cool. There was some local guy with a computer doing his best attempt at Harry Carry, he had a bad sound system and some sound effects, But for the Batavia little league it was perfect. People were coming up saying "how come you not announcing"?, Nope no way, nada, that was my kid's day trust me he wouldn't want me up there yapping.

I feel bad for the kid, he plays well, he can hit and plays mostly 1st and 3rd, but the coach of his team doesn't believe in practice so the team sucks. They are a win less this season. It's just hard to watch. I hate to see him sweating in 90 degree weather when most of these kids cant catch a fly ball. I don't care if they win, but these lil kids are not having any fun! I'm gonna take them all to a Sox game!

Jon and Kate news.....who cares!

Today Matt Kenseth is in town at ESPN zone. We will have video and audio up on this website tomorrow.

This picture kills me! this is the vacant boat lift that my comp boat sits on, from the looks of it Cheyenne and her buddies at my mom and dad's place must be out doing a little early morning skiing!

Stay cool today gonna be hot, but I will be on the bike getting ready for the August ride.

Tomorrow I will be getting lasic from Tom Michelson at the Wheaton eye clinic, SO I will have to chill for a few days. But its gonna be nice to see again!


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