Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love Tracy Butler

Ever watch the morning news programs and wonder what goes on? The studios are cold quiet and very professional.

Most think that WGN news in the funnest, I would tend to agree, But you cant argue with the ratings of ABC 7. They are always at the top of the heap.
I wander over there from time to time when I need help getting the word out on some charity things I'm involved in. This morning I was on early to promote the Pink Ribbon ride for breast Cancer that I do every year.

You go in and get make up, than you go to the back of the studio and wait your turn. I wish I knew the two guys names who produce the show from the control room. They should be on camera, they just sit back and comment on every story. And their funny. Every story has a comment good or bad, but its a riot.

Than you go out front of the studio and the city's crazes are there. No shirts, dirty, and just nuts trying to pick up Tracy Butler. Homeless folks that want their shot on TV. Bob the security guard tries to keep away from the Trace, But their persistent.

How about homeless weather? I mean who needs to be more in the folks on the street?

Homeless or not , I think the guys just want to be by Tracy shes cute! and smart and nice. And starting tomorrow shes doing homeless weather! And I'm told that there's a new weather site on a cardboard box under lower wacker! I love Tracy Butler!

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