Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I need to get in on the death thing.

Who's making all this money of transporting dead bodies in Chicago? It cost's 905 dollars to transport a body from to a morgue in Chicago. In comparison in Dallas it costs 95 bucks!

Here's my next idea the Ramblin' Ray final ride. I charge only 400.00 and put the bodies on ice in the bed of my truck, Or 450.00 gets you in the front seat in the air conditioning. Hey maybe we call it a Runeral. Either way I save the taxpayers money! call any of the Aldermen in Chicago and tell them you need Me to save you money!

I get off the air at ten I could transport from 11 til 6pm for a little WAM. That would be "walking around money"

as alway I could use your imput.

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