Monday, July 27, 2009

Ramblin'Rest Memorial Gardens.

What a weekend, After Burhles perfect game on Thursday the Sox lost 3 in a row, Salvaging game 4 last night in Detroit.

How cool was it for mark to call in Thursday, This guy is so low key, He hardily ever talks to the media outside of post game interviews. Usually we talk hunting and music. Marks an outstanding guy. Perfect game, Awesome!

It was a big birthday weekend, Cass turned 6 on Thursday, Chey will be 15 tomorrow. She starts drivers ed today. Say a prayer for my insurance rates.

I'm going to need some feedback here, With all the cemetery's in the news lately, and with the weekend discovery of another human bone found in another cemetery I'm thinking of opening up my own place of rest

I was wondering if I can do this in my backyard? The Ramblin' Rest Memorial Gardens, My yard could hold at least 600 people. its just over a half acer but I'm gonna bury em deep. And instead of a traditional headstone.....A digital solar powered headstone that can show how many people I have stacked up. They used to have cemetery's on farms. My house is built on old farmland so why not?

This is the Idea that makes me rich right here!

Hey the big bike ride is this coming weekend how about a donation. You people are cheap. go to the homepage and crack open your wallet and make a donation!


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