Tuesday, July 7, 2009

River Nose

That's what my buddies call it, That's what happens when I water ski, This past Saturday I had some friends come over to Mom and Dads place on Little St Germain lake. I went out for my first slalom pass of the year and I was surprised at how easy it was.

I think I can Ski as good or better now as I ever have. Now Gina would say is because of her pulling prowess, I have to say the woman can drive a boat!
But the water kills my nose!

My Buddies didn't fare so well, My friend Kurt Kreuger killed his shoulder trying to get out of the water. I thought he was kidding until I saw the picture of it from later in the day, Ouch! My friend the farmer,.... he's still in one piece but he didn't do so well either!,

Now note how I'm not picking on these guys, They are my snowmobile guys who will help me try and get around an ice oval this winter. Last time I did this I ended up in the hospital, This year I'm going all out, So when I screw up on the ice (and I will) I will point back to this day and say remember the lake? Ah its nice to have a little something to keep with me, Just in case I may need it.

Conner's baseball season is over(thank God) He did great this year, He was pretty much 0 for May, But the second half of the season he hit everything, Funny how just a few years ago he was hitting off a tee. Now he's hitting off good pitching on a regular basis. The team only won one game, But still a good year.

Cassie starts cheer camp today, Her mom got her ready for the day in the sun and slathered on the sunscreen. It was in the school gym. Shes a nut but finally something for her to do. It seems like shes always at her brothers stuff.

Race is on the way, and as usual the Big name drivers elude us We got blown off by Casey Mears today. nice he wont even run in the top 20 this weekend. It's not the drivers fault it's whoever schedules these B list drivers. No big deal we will try to get some of the big boys on tomorrow. I have a call in to Kurt Busch.

See you at the track.


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