Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The man in the mirror!

I have to say watching all the Micheal Jackson coverage yesterday i was a little surprised by the way I felt watching the service. We all tend to poke fun, Laugh at the jokes, and wonder just what happened to the "King of Pop"

But when that little girl got up and said ,"I just want to say that since I was born hes been the best father in the world" That did it, ....All of the sudden the Glove, The allegations, the nose, the hyperbolic chamber all went away. At that moment we had something in common, He was a dad and he was proud of that fact. I don't know any of my crass buddies that weren't touched by that statement.

I grew up in the 80s, if you wanted to dance at the clubs, and you wanted to meet girls you had to listen to Jackson. And although you didn't tell your buddies you dug his music.

Question his intent of the never land ranch if you will, But we will never know. He did a lot of good for various Charity's and judge least ye be judged as well!

I wish his kids peace.

Take care


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