Sunday, July 12, 2009

NASCAR should move to Chicago City Hall!

Well I was there again last night for the Chicago land spectacle that is the "NASCAR Traveling circus"

The knock on Chicago land has been two fold, Having to buy expensive track packs, (meaning if you want to see Dale Jr, You must also buy the less popular Indy and ARCA race, which are actually more exciting races than anything NASCAR offers at the track) The second being a vanilla race where there is literally no excitement.

Now if you got to this website via US99, you will notice a blurb that says "you are now leaving this website" that's to warn you that your now in the land of the big bad Internet, so shield your eyes, Because these are my opinions on the Car of tomorrow, Big bucks racing, and how I believe that Mike Helton is slicker than Rod, Or my Buddie Mr Daley ( and I love the mayor) again my site my opinions!

First off I want to acknowledge the security staff at the track who never misses a chance to try and bullie with their white shirts and fancy walkie talkies, everywhere I went this weekend I got Paul Blart saying cant go there.....your not allowed, then after reading to them the "all access" on my credentials and than explaining to them what that meant I was usually allowed on my way. I never grab any attitude with these folks cuz there doing there job and today...probably back to patrolling the parking lot at the Lewis Joliet mall.

What can one say about the Car of Tomorrow? Its not racy, and unless your at Bristol or a plate race, you can have more fun in Brookfield watching the Rascal scooter races from the Sunnybrook retirement center to free day at the zoo!

If the car of tomorrow is what I will drive in the future I will walk.

I actually love Chicago land Speedway, The track packs....well in the beginning that was a way to help bring racing to Chicago, I love the track and the awesome sunsets , but I have a problem with NASCAR.

I get a kick every time I see Mike Helton walking around signing autographs, Really? I know that hes a big deal and all but his autograph ain't going anywhere next to my Dale Sr shrine ( I do have one) and hey Mike crack a smile every now and then your making millions off people who work harder in a day than you will all year!

a few of Rays RANTS!

How about those mysterious debris cautions? Every wonder why those happen? How about cautions No Dale Jr or Carl Edwards commercials. No commercials no money for NASCAR, or the network. Ever been to a NFL game and there's all of the sudden a two Minute time out? commercials. Nascars version the the TV time out is a caution flag for guessed it debris, what a bunch of crap!

Here's my idea for more commercial time, Get rid of the COT and bring back real racing, There's a reason that Bristol and Dega are the most watched races, cuz they race! They pass, they mix it up! That's why we watch.

Riddle me this.....

Why does Paul Menard call Chicago his home track? He's from Eau Claire Wisconsin. Do you think he roots for the Bears? Hey Paulie, Why don't you call the Boo Bear Grand Prix in the Dells your home track? Or Milwaukee, or just have your dad build you a track like he set up your race career? Who know perhaps it could be called WISCAR?

The coolest guy I met this weekend was the President of Lifelock, He set up a contest at the Michigan race to give a fan a shot at a million bucks, all she had to do was be chosen to pick the 1st and 2nd place winners in Saturday's race. she picked Martin and Gordo and won the Mil! how cool is that?

Time changes everything!

I have the honor of calling the race field at the track, I'm not sure how much longer I want to do it, it's fun to be there in all the action but it might be time for something else. One thing I have noticed is how fans no longer seem to boo Gordon as much. He's now a veteran and even the most haggard Dale Sr fan seems to want him to do well.

The new villain is obviously Kyle Busch, funny Kyle wasn't much of a factor last night. Kind of sad really. I have to admit I used to dislike Kyle like the rest of you. But he makes it fun, Hes a nut job, You never know where hes going to put that car or what hes gonna do in Victory lane. Deep down in your short sighted Dale Jr hearts you have to admit, He gets up on the wheel and he bring a little excitement to a sport that since the COT has seen a huge hit in popularity. Admit it deep down you want kyle Busch do do well,....You need Kyle To do well. Right now its really all this sport has!


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