Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You cant see me!

I laugh every time I watch Monday night Raw with my kids. Now I know that some Do-Gooders would say, How can you let your kids watch that?

I tell you why cuz its funny, and its fun and my kids get that its entertainment. Its not like Tap out or anything. I wont let them watch that until Cassie turns six(I have to have some rules). Last night we sat there and watched in amazement at Hornswaggle in the "Tuxedo match"

Soon summer will be over but the memories of WWE Raw will be a treasured family memory for ever!

And the header of this post, in case you didn't know is a nod to John Cena, soon to be champ once again!

Here come the Hawks the Mighty Blaccck hawks!

The Chicago blackhawks came out in droves to support my wearing of the Blackhawks jersey. Funny how something as silly as standing up after some punk tells me I cant wear my Jersey on stage can turn into a positive.

Stay turned for some awesome promotions with the Hawks next year, The hawks sent over some awesome stuff for the morning show. I will find a way to give it out on the air soon.

In case your not up too speed on the whole jersey thing read the previous blog.

How stupid is it that I even blog?

The time I would have been on that stage at Wrigley pails in comparison to what will transpire since I took a stand.

Really who tells and one what they can wear? I think I may sue!

This is the upshot, I'm Sheet metal workers son from West Chicago. I supposed to be working construction, the fact that I ever made it on to Wrigley Field to be in a position to greet listeners of the radio station I listened to as a kid.

In case it goes unsaid thanks for listening!


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