Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stand by your Mans!

How bout that big Rascal show last night? that was good stuff, And if you were there I'm pretty sure we can all agree that they can hit it out of the park, There has always been those who say they cant hit there notes live. Last night Gary was spot on. they sounded great, I'm not sure where he went for 15 minutes during the show but hey? could have been a potty break.

Darius is just a talent, and a sweet human. and Vince Gill? it was like the Opry right in Chicago.

All good stuff!

How bout that crowd? The Urlachers were there, all the Hawks, and I mean all of them. Burish, Kane, Towes, And the front office guys were there too. Rick Sutcliff was there all day, and he says on Wednesday nights ESPN game he's got a little hazing for Joe Don. It was a big night.

Hawks player (and bff) Adam Burish, Ray, and listener Barbie

Oh and Robbie Gould....I love that guy and His Girl is awesome. cant wait till July 17th next summer!

Photo: Barbie and Robbie Gould


Now let me give you some Ramblin Ray scoop on the whole big radio dealie that is the "Stage announce" or the "Radio Emcee"..... this is where your radio station peeps go up there and do tricks for the crowd, Rev em up and say "thanks for listening". For some reason radio stations give tons of free advertising to support a show, Its good for All, Helps the artist, Helps the promoter, and helps the station get tix to give away for you the listener. (By the way the listener is the star of every show, the way you guys go to these shows and pay the prices is amazing.)

Usually before a show in turn for months of saying "tickets are still available" The station gets to go up in front of the opening act and do "our tricks"for 60 seconds........ well last night it was a crowded stage. There were more than enough of US99 Soldiers that wanted to be up there in that Wrigley crowd. I was gonna go up and do my "tricks" say Howudoin' and than vamanos.......Cuz in reality, get the radio folks off and lets get on with the show.

Well here's what happens, Rascal Flatts tour manager tells the stage manager, that the "guy" wearing the Hawks jersey cant go on stage wearing the colors of next years Stanley Cup champs. The guy wearing the Hawks jersey would be me.

Its an awesome jersey, an ode to the greatest sports logo in the history of Chicago if not the world, The Black hawks gave us a ton to root for this year. Whether you feel it or not its been a little rough lately. Bad economy, no jobs, living in a state that's broke, Leave it to us the fans to be able to find some kind of weird escape through something like the Hawks.

That's not to mention how gracious this organization is to its fans and those who need a hand, The Backhawks Charity's are second to none.

So needless to say that last night when the tour manager with his walkie talkie radioed to the King of the stage to get the Jersey off the "non important small time radio guy" I said NO. Not that important for me to be up there. My Buddie Trish handled (looked great too) An I have to think in some way she was proud of me. You don't get any more Chicago than T.

I told listeners on the Air I would NOT wear a Sox jersey. I'm a South side fan, But out of respect for a great ball yard like Wrigley I would not wear my Sox jersey, (heck I even root for the North Siders from time to time) However I did say I would dawn the Hawks jersey. I didn't think it was a big deal. Just a small (very small) gesture for a team that has been good to our station, and to those who need a hand with a benefit every now and then.

So its really its no big deal, You want the radio folks off the stage, And you want Flatts to play! .... Today Gary JD and Jay, and the manager who has no connection to Chicago is off to the next town. And in some little silly way I stood up for something I believe in. That's something I couldn't have done a few years ago. It would have been taboo. I would have been labeled a "diva" but at times I think what would Howell do? What would Lisa do? WWJD?

I stood by my Hawks, that always take care of our Hawks fans, By giving us Burish when ever we need, By having Kaner call in, By being what most sports teams can never be.

Last night I stood by my boys! Go Hawks!

Oh and if you read this far, Its just the manager, those guys that make up Flatts have always been great to you the listener, My family and my kids. Great show!


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