Friday, August 7, 2009

God Bless Wynonna!

Spoke with Naomi Judd today again, She was pumping up the CMT show Can you Duet"

Today she was all over the crazy talk again, Saying she dated a CIA agent and that Ashley and Wy thought he was going to have chip implanted in them so they could be watched!

She took a swipe at me about the size of my brain compared to the average American brain, I took a shot right back, Lets compare brain size to the amount of time my kids will spend in counseling compared to hers! (that's not the part I shared on the air I try not to be mean) I said her bootie was a lil larger than average American!

She actually likes me, I think she forgets that when she was here she was all over me. And that's a fact. Shes a hoot! God bless Wynonna!

She hangs out with scientists from Fermi Lab that sounds like a party any way you look at it!

Go Go Sox. Tonight its the Sox and Cleveland, taking the crew with me. And Cheyenne is bringing her little Cubs boyfriend. My idea is I will take him somewhere south of town and toss him out of the car around 11 or 12? what do you think?

Have a good weekend

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  1. haha did you ever toss that kid out of the car?