Thursday, August 6, 2009

As the days gets longer!

Well the ride is over, four days near 400 miles of Gatorade, water and Power bars. Funny how your body reacts to lack of sleep and endless hours on a bike seat.

This year I have to say I was stronger than ever. The hills on day two were easy. the 100 miles one day one and three No problem at all. My problem is the way this group rides! they stop and drink beer! Beer dehydrates, Its about the worst thing you can do when on an extreme bike ride. But that's how this group rolls, and somehow it works for them. For me I just enjoy the ride!and I attack it That's why I finish ahead of everyone else, I don't do that to be first or pound my chest. The faster you finish the quicker your off the seat. The quicker your off the seat the fresher you are for the next day. Thats why as the day gets longer the smart riders get stronger!

Next time you and your crew head north to the badger state get off the beaten path, Hit the back roads and check out how cool the rolling hills and farms of the Dairyland state really are.

I will leave you with a bunch of pictures, Some of the hills, The scenery, and one with a bag of ice on my knee.

Thanks to all who donated and thanks to the station for letting me always take a few days to ride for a great cause!

Take care on vacation all next week, that's after the Naperville Triatholon this Sunday.


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