Sunday, August 2, 2009

Riding for your Rack

Day 1 of the breast cancer ride took us from the Northwest side of Chicago to Brookfield Wisconsin.

A pretty easy day really. Getting to the starting point was fun as one of Mayor Daley red light cameras got me at Harlem and Irving at 4a.m., Here's a question.....Why are there tons of Cameras on the North and Northwest side but none in Bridgeport? Hmmmmm.

Since I didn't blog yesterday I will just give a brief update. 3 flats, My guy at the bike shop says I run too much pressure. Too much pressure will give you a mile per hour faster and right now I need any advantage cuz this is a tough ride. We did 102 miles and I felt strong. I thought I may have ridden too hard as day two is brutal, Lots of hills. Hills that are like walls! there's a reason Wisconsinites call us flatlanders. The Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin is why.

Day 2

Just rode into the Hotel in Chilton, a cool town due to the fact that this is where they manufactured Chilton snowmobile trailers, This is by FAR the toughest day of the ride. You cant imagine the wind and the hills. I have no idea how "real mountain" riders out west do it. Not the yuppies that go there every now and then but the "real mountain" riders. And those tour riders? that's just sick, we rode 85 in the hills and wind and it's not easy.

I would like to shout out to all the Wisconsin drivers that think bike riders need to be run off the road. I mean we are in the middle of nowhere, and do you think they could give you a break and move over? I wonder how many bicyclist's are killed in this state a year, Probably more than deer.

If your reading this go back to the home page and click on the pink ribbon and give a few bucks. The money raised for this ride goes directly to Rush Hospital in Chicago.

Time now to go crack a bottle of wine with Kim the toughest rider on the tour. It will be 2 hours till the rest of the group gets here so time to kick back in the hot tub and rest. Tomorrow hold another 90 to 100 miles


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