Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eagle River Wisconsin peaceful and thats OK!

Eagle River Wisconsin God help keep it that way! That's actually a goofy song made by a couple that owns or used to own a ressort up Nort'

Going to Eagle River this weekend For the Derby track reunion. I'm bringing four of my sleds to the show that should do well. I have been up late most every night for the past four weeks trying to get the sleds ready.

Thanks to my Buddie Kurt Krumm at Goodwin Performance for all the help with my vintage stuff, without him I don't have anything worth showing, Than there's a guy called "Detail Tom" down on Chicago's southwest side, (cant disclose his locale he doesn't want any more work) He makes aluminium look like a mirror. And I have to mention my friend Carl Kupka, He gets all my chrome done for me. And never lets me pay! As the song goes "you find out who your friends are" this is a goofy habit, But as dad says it keeps me out of the bars.

Day four of no Kayne! the controversy is settling' down, but still I refuse to play and more hip hop on US99. I have even sold my Bentley!

Vacation next week, Get ready for the best (sort 0f best) of of Lisa and Ray all next week.


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