Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day three of no Kayne!

The pledge I made to not play any more Kayne music enters the third day, I think I may wipe out all the hip hop we play.

And look at yesterdays blog where I say Taylor will come out and speak up for West. Yesterday on the View she accepted his apology and will meet with him! The duet to follow soon! This is a major coo for Taylor and her label!

How about the prez? saying that Kayne's a Jackass! Whoa! now that's funny.

My baby Cheyenne was on the air today, Its homecoming time and her Boyfriend has not figured out a way to asked her yet. I guess it has to be a major event! Stay tuned. I hate watching my baby grow up. Shes funny.

Hows this for crazy, Next week while in Wisconsin I have been invited to watch the (gag) Packers from the sidelines. How do you pass up an opportunity like that? Justin Moore is going to sing the anthem and his crew gave me an invite. Gonna be fun. Perhaps I can cast a spell on Lambeau!

Have a good day.


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  1. Just a thought... not that you should help the boy ask... but a buddy of mine has a son who filled up the girl's trampoline (with those high mesh walls) with balloons and he hid inside waiting for his girl to find him. He had his buddies blow up the balloons and it took a little over an hour and a half.