Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will there ever be a Urlacher Linebacker again?

Whoa! the most searched topic on Google yesterday was Urllachers season ending injury. And all at once a promising season was just put into perspective. Its funny how I look at the Bears now. As a young adult I would die when this team lost. Now these guys are friends of mine and it gets hard to judge.

There have been several occasions this year where I have met Jay Cutler. Hes a good kid, Trust me he wants to win so bad here its sick I don't know how he handles the pressure.

As for #54 I know his brother fairly well, and Casey has talked Brian to joining us on the air on several occasions. That's a big deal to have him on the show. Cuz the press isn't always good to him. He is a hall of fame player, we should be glad hes a bear. Sure he has had some issues but so have I, Don't we all? it just gets magnified when your a multimillion dollar player. I hope we see another season out of him But....if we don't it will be fine he will always be on of the great Bears.

I was texting Olsen and Robbie yesterday they seem pretty bummed about the game. Olsen is healthy. and Robbie toes are fine!

Kayne....wow. You pick on a girl. Than go on Leno and snivel and say your sorry? I accept the apology and it seemed genuine. But what does your crew say? your hommies? I know in that faction of music you need "street cred" Snoop and Pitbull have to be laughing at this dude. This guys as tough as Drew Walker!

We will have Taylor on soon my guess is this, Taylors the queen of clean. She will come out and defend him. Theres a duet in the making here!


  1. I just wish Tim Mc Graw got up on stage and threw Kayne off the stage like he does the guys at his concerts for disrespecting women in the front row!!!

  2. Get the POINT the BEARS SUCK