Monday, September 14, 2009

How bad was that?

I was up in Wisconsin over the weekend, I made it a point to get out early and be home for the big game. You don't want to be in Wisconsin when the bears play the Pack, and you certainly don't want to be there when the bears lose.

Urlacher out with a bad wrist and the D falls apart. And what happened to our guy Jay? four picks? was it the ghost of Rex? Hester looked good. But what was up with the receivers blown patterns leads to more interceptions. Next week we have the Steelers. whoa! Watch for Jay to have a breakout game. I will tell you now Bears win.

Kayne West. What a POS! Are you kidding me? this guys a punk. Hey West next time your in town lets get in a cage. I will whip your @#$%%!

Picking on a 19 year old? picking on a woman? Hey Kayne what would your boyfriend say?

This will thrust Taylor even farther into the spotlight. This will only work out better for her trust me! We were just talking to Justin Morre who works with Taylors label. Hes getting ready to kick some Kayne &*%$#

Have a good day


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