Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hair club for Gina?

Usually on any given night I can be found tinkering with my stuff in the garage(and that's not code)

Last night I spent cleaning my shower, and roding Ginas hair out of the drain. I swear there is no way anyone can be losing that much hair! then I cleaned the thing. I swear my garage is cleaner than that thing! just gross. I think my entire bathroom just needs to be remodeled.

Cool to talk with Randy Travis today, We should have played his version of I told you so, But we live in a Taylor Swift Carrie Underwood world. My apology's to Randy and you his fans.

My twin sister patty just sent her kids off to their first day of public school. Rachelle is a freshman Easton is in Jr high. Her kids decided that they wanted to go public, Hell why not they live in a great district and why pay all those taxes and not use the schools? My sister always was the spoiled little favorite!

Big workout day yesterday, I don't know why I did this but, I ran 3 miles swam a half mile and rode my bike 13. that basically a sprint triathlon. I'm feeling it today but I need a breakthrough. I have been about 10 lbs heavier than I want to be all summer. I'm not a big runner but it was an easy run yesterday. I'm sure I will pay for it later today.

The Op is closing down Michigan av? Really I'm gonna puke.

Have a great day.


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