Monday, August 31, 2009

Daddy let me drive part II

Big Weekend! It started with a win for the Oswego Panthers, They were led by my teenage daughters awesome Cheer leading!

Saturday it was the Chicago Shoreline marathon, this was supposed to be a 4 mile relay on the big lake but the waves were 3 to 4 footers and we had to shorten the course. My team was John Garcia from ABC 7, The very lovely Ginger Z from NBC 5, and our ringer was Tracy a fearless young lady from Abbot labs, (she would have kayaked all the way to Michigan)

To be honest it was a little daunting for me, I'm used to a 30 plus powerboat with twin big blocks. This kayaking thing is cool! I had a blast. And I finished 1st on my leg. We would have won but John Garcia dumped and had to be recoverd by the US Coast Gaurd!

I thought I would post another picture of the 67 Ski-Doo I'm building its coming along and should be ready for the Eagle River show.

I drove with Cheyenne yesterday. We went to my friend Brad the farmers place out in Maple Parkansaw. Shes a good driver. If you have driven for any amount of time, you like me,are probably a "bad driver"! I was amazed that she actually stops at the stop signs! goes the speed limit, and is courteous. That will end in a year! There was some punk tailgating (and I mean close) I will be honest I did flash a few gestures at him. He got the hint. But seeing as I had my 15 and 6 year old in the car I had to try and act my age which is very hard for me!

Big bike ride and running day today. Have a good week


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