Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How I roll.....

Well, were fully back from vacation. I thought I would post a few pictures of what my vacation was compared to the "Divine one's" AKA Lisa Dent.

Lisa was hanging in Nashville with Kid Rock and John Rich, Now I'm not sure what that entailed, But none the less she was in Nashvegas living the high life and Rockin it out.

I was in St Germain Wis framing a shed that my dad is turning into a bunk house. Its funny every year I go up there without my kids and wife so I can help the guy do some work. It used to be that this guy was the brains of the operation. Time has turned the tables and now (hard to believe) I have to do the thinking. And I'm cool with that but everything we do is a process. My mom calls him "Captain Doom".

So while Lisa's Rollin in Nashville,.... I'm hanging with Captain Doom? I really wouldn't have it any other way. I used to love the "crowd" and hang on the buses, But I have out grown that phase. Now I get lost every chance I get.

Here are a few pictures form last week. One is with my mini Homelite chainsaw. I was cutting small trees off my Mom and Dads land. the others are just of the Sunset you can catch every evening off our pier, and the nightly bonfire.

I still love the nightlife, But I will take the Northvegas over Nashvegas any day!


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