Thursday, October 1, 2009

Da Da Da dddda da da da da!

that's the Olympic theme, Hey weather you want the games or not just remember, We could always use this against Wisconsin. Think Milwaukee could ever pull that off?

I'm not a big TV watcher but I caught that Modern life and Cougars on ABC last night, Very funny. Ed Oneal a riot. Courtney Cox smokin'

Hey to the Elburn CO-OP , I did a new Tundra video yesterday with my Buddie Brad the farmer. We pulled 40,000 lbs of beans to the CO-OP. that was cool. Those farmer work there a#$%@ off and in almost every one of those barns are cool toys! New video @

How about that nut who shot his wife with a bow and arrow in suburban Chicago? I'm sure the deer are happy he will be spending the rest of his hunting seasons in jail.

The O factor in Rio, Here's a hint for Oprah. Don't ever get your picture taken with Michelle Obama again! That would be Like me having my shirt off next to Greg Olsen from our bears. Something that should never be done.

Just had a woman call and complain about my calls to Rio. Say's I'm like Mancow now, She used to listen to me 15 years ago and I was nicer! Whatever. As I get older I have become more honest. Back in the day I used to be bullied by station managemet to be something of a puppet. Now management get's it and I couldnt be happier. I used to go home and stress. I was even fired. Now im living a great life, Great wife and family. This is who I am.



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