Friday, October 2, 2009

The Gov, and The crazy dude from Rio!

More calls to Geogi at the Copa Cabana in Rio. I'm not sure if hes Russian, French, Or from Indiana. Either way he a riot, Its the international aspect of Ramblin In the mornin!

Pat Quinn the Gov of the great state of Illinois! I love this guy. I'm going to take him to get a massage at Spa 64. Were gonna get a little scandal going. were gonna make Illinois love this guy. Such a good dude.

Big Homecoming night for my little girl tonight! Tomorrow is her first big dance I will be there to set the rules with the "Gil" Shes such a cool little chick. I'm a proud dad.

From the archives of Ray and G plus 3, Gina starts kickboxing Tuesday, You will notice a chance in her body. You will notice a change in how I behave!

Go bears!

Go Chicago !!!! the Olympics should choose this town! Hell Capone did!

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