Sunday, October 4, 2009

Now we know how Ronnie feels!

Wow! Is this city loaded with EGO or what? How bout the faces in the crowd when we learned we were dead last in Olympic bidding? How could it be? were Chicago the greatest city in the world!

I guess were the only ones that think that. The headlines on Dredge read" Obama the Ego has landed" How could the rock star contingent of the President his stunning wife and the great and all knowing Omnipotent Op not bring the games to Chicago?

Could it be the corruption? the crime rate? both...I don't think so. Would you take your chances in Chicago on a Friday night at 2am or Rio? It has been said that in international circles that Chicago and Illinois are seen as not only corrupt but broke as well. Not good. I feel for the workers of our city and the thousands of jobs we have lost for the next eight years.

who's to blame? was it a bad presentation? was President too lackadaisical in his jetting to Copenhagen for twenty minutes, saying that he's from Chicago and expecting he would just be handed the games? should we blame him? I don't think so. Do we blame this city that most of us love? Nope. do we feel embarrassed by the loss, the fact that we were never even really a contender? Hell no, who cares? were Chicago who needs the games we have the bears and Jay cutlers awe inspiring spiral! the wolves, the hawks, the Batavia Bulldogs, the Bears, Sox, Cubs, we have it all! Theres the Ego I spoke of earlier!

For now all I can do is wait till I make that phone call to that guy at the Copa Hotel in Rio that I have been harassing (in fun) the last three days. and do what we Chicagoans fear the most....admit that I was wrong and congratulate them on the games, After all Chicago that sting that we feel from never really having had a chance......That's pride messing with us. Forget pride. It only gets you in to trouble.

I will take my games in Chicago any day.



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