Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kellys a cutie!

Had a chance to talk to Ozzy's Little girl. I think they call her the Lil Princess of freckin darkness! She was very nice and cute. Look for her to go far on dancin! She waves the checker flag at the NASCAR race in Callie this weekend.

Da Da Duh Duh! Gina starts kickboxing today. She is turning into a workout machine I bet shes down 15! And she putting cookies all over the house trying to get me fat! that ain't cool. I know shes doing this on purpose!

Wow on this Taylor mania. Its worse than Hanna, Worse than the JoBros. I have some of my best buddies demanding meet and greets for their daughters. Meeting her is next to impossible so guess they wont be buddies much longer. I hate that kind of stuff!

What about Kellie Pickler? Evey ones forgetting her. I love her. Shes such a great kid!

Farve! WOW! Aaron Rodgers? WOW. If your a Vikes fan you have this year and maybe next. The Packers have a future. Problem for both teams is a guy named Cutler and the BEARS!

take care


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